Discussion Rules (Updated 17 May 2013)

Here you can post all of your fave images of Rachel Riley

Discussion Rules (Updated 17 May 2013)

Postby Admin » Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:40 pm

1. Porn - Posting of pornographic material is not allowed, and that also includes posting any links to such material. Also do not request any pornographic material to be posted on the forum or posted privately via the PM system. It only encourages those that do not bother reading the rules to post such material.This includes links to sites which contained pornographic material in signatures.

2. Under 18's - No pictures or videos to be posted of anyone under the age of 18. This applies to pictures & videos which were taken before the particular celebrity reached their 18th birthday. Absolutely no discussions of a sexual nature relating to this age group are allowed.

3. Banned Publications - No pictures to be posted from any News International publication, i.e. The Sun, News of the World, The Times and The Sunday Times. And the same goes for Playboy magazine, FHM, Zoo, Arena etc, Elle magazine, Body in Mind and Getty Images. Links are allowed to articles and the articles can be quoted within reason but NO pictures should be linked to.

4. Torrents - Links to torrents or any other site where members have to pay for access are banned.

5. Nudity - No full or partial nudity. Let's leave it to the imagination please!

6. Fakes - Please do not post fakes.I E the head of Rachel Riley on an other woman's body etc...

7. Decency and Respect - Although free speech is encouraged, posts should not contain generally disrespectful or crude comments. Basically act as though Rachel was reading what you write and that you are accountable for what has been written. This is not to say we cannot state how much we love Rachel or how good she looks in the outfits she wears. There is a decency line however and our moderators have been asked to step in when they think things are getting out of hand.
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